Aerial view of the shallow sea near Heron Island Resort

Our Top 10 Dive Sites

Heron Bommie

Heron Island’s signature dive site. The site consists of six large coral heads that start in 5 meters of water and dot down the reef slope to 18 meters. This is a major cleaning station for all the animals in the area, including the majestic mantas and eagle rays to clouds of colourful damsels and everything in between. You will be surrounded by fish and swim over forests of branching corals. Keep your eyes out for wobbegongs and reef sharks, manta rays, banded pipefish and nudibranchs. 

Turtle swimming in sea near Heron Island Resort in Queensland
School of fishes & coral reefs near Heron Island Resort

Pams Point

Dropping down the mooring line you will be surrounded by colourful reef fish. A big field of staghorn coral will lead you to a bommie with healthy coral. On and around the bommie you are likely to see batfish, white-tipped reef sharks, nudibranchs and the usual reef fish. Going with the current you have a chance to see the majestic manta rays swimming on their way to the several cleaning stations at this dive site.

Gorgonia Hole

It is not uncommon to see turtles hiding among the cracks and crevices at this site. Lots of little holes to stick your head in, and lots of interesting little (and big) creatures to find. Expect to see painted crayfish, green, loggerhead and hawksbill (if you’re lucky) turtles and lion fish.

Huge coral reef near Heron Island Resort in Queensland
Variety of coral reefs near Heron Island Resort in Queensland

Coral Cascades

As the name suggests, this entire dive site is covered in hard and soft corals of all different types. There are many different types of crustaceans hiding in the corals. And perched in the higher branches for those with a keen eye are scorpion fish waiting patiently for their next meal to swim by.


Heading down the mooring to around 15m, Tenements lies hidden behind a 12m wide coral plateau. Large flat bommies are a great place to look for nudibranchs and as you come to the corner of the plateau at around 18m, shoals of fish gather and feed on the nutrients of the incoming tide. The wall provides a good chance to see grey reef sharks, barracuda and mackerel. Lay back and relax as the current drifts you towards Shark Ledge.

Variety of coral reefs and fishes near Heron Island Resort
Closeup of a coral near Heron Island Resort

3 Rocks

One of the drains for Wistari reef, named so because of the 3 large bommies that are spread down a steep sandy slope. Starting in 2 meters of water and dropping down to 25 meters this is a very good drift dive when the current is running around to the old jetty. Lots of pelagics, nudibranchs, hard corals and if you’re lucky, an olive sea snake coming up to the shallows for a quick breath of air before heading back into the deep water of the channel.

Turtle Gully

A large gully leads out to beautiful coral wall full of biodiversity. Just past the gully there a few scattered bommies at 18 meters. The wall is best observed from 8 to 14 meters. There are schooling unicorn fish, many spotted sweetlips and milkfish feeding on the surface.

Closeup of a turtle next to a coral near Heron Island Resort
Closeup of fishes next to a coral near Heron Island Resort

North Bommie

Named after the large bommie that is the main feature of this dive. North bommie is covered in glass and cardinal fish that are harassed all day by dozens of coral trout, coral cod and barramundi cod. This bommie is a major cleaning station for that area of the reef and you will see large manta rays and turtles getting cleaned here on most dives. 

Coral Canyons

This site consists of a series of shallow canyons cutting into the edge of the reef that are filled with fish, turtles and sharks. Along the ridges between the canyons, you will often see groups of big fin reef squid vertically stacked in the water column, rippling with changing colours as you swim past them. Out deeper there are scattered bommies, each with their own array of fish and other marine life.

A giant coral reef near Heron Island Resort
Closeup of fishes next to a coral near Heron Island Resort

Coral Gardens

If you like coral then this is the site for you! You will enjoy gliding over so many different types, shapes and sizes of coral, as well as seeing the wide variety of marine life that call this site home. This site is a favourite amongst divers, especially with a camera in hand.