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Facilities at Heron Island Resort in Queensland, Australia

Aqua Soul Spa

Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate

Give yourself some well-deserved self-care during your stay at Heron Island by visiting Aqua Soul Spa.

In the heart of Heron Island’s ancient Pisonia forest, a sanctuary of tranquillity, serenity and replenishment awaits. Drawing inspiration from the beauty and rich diversity of the Great Barrier Reef, Aqua Soul Spa has been created to enhance your well-being by embracing the powerful healing qualities of nature. Indulgent and nurturing, each signature therapy is a blend of dynamic ingredients, designed to balance the physical and emotional body.

The spa's seculsion and forest views through floor-to-ceiling windows transport all who visit on a journey of relaxation, renewal and replenishment.

Spa Facility at Heron Island Resort

Featuring three single treatment rooms, one couple’s room, locker rooms and a private steam room (for up to 2 people), take time out from your Great Barrier Reef adventure to relax and unwind at the Aqua Soul Spa. Choose from a signature collection of massage, face, body and skin care treatments - all using Australian, iKOU products. Each therapy is designed to balance, restore and nurture body, mind and spirit.


Embark on a sensory experience that combines indulgent spa rituals with organic, botanical skincare from iKOU. Originating in the Australian Blue Mountains, iKOU uses only the finest, wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower extracts. Together, Aqua Soul Spa and iKOU combine to create a Mind/Body holistic approach that indulge the senses and promises to rebalance, relax and rejuvenate.

Click here to download the Aqua Soul Price List.

Spa Facility at Aqua Soul Spa - Heron Island Resort
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