Heron Island - Nature at its best

Heron Island is all about nature at its best - by night and day. Explore this extraordinary coral cay and its surrounding waters on informative, guided reef and wildlife walks. Lagoon snorkelling and dive excursions to the outer reef will bring you face to face with manta rays, turtles and fish of all kinds. After enjoying a sunset cocktail, dine on a dazzling display of stars during a guided tour of the southern night sky.

Abbi & Kai on Heron Island

Abbi and Kai visited Heron Island during the Dive Festival and created this wonderful video about the island. You'll love it - especially if you plan a family holiday!

Southern Great Barrier Reef - Where great begins!

Tourism Queensland has released it's new Southern Great Barrier Reef ad featuring stunning destinations including Heron Island and Wilson Island, The Southern Great Barrier Reef is the official start of one of the world's great wonders and a fantastic destination for an amazing, secluded holiday experience.

Qantas Visits Heron Island

Watch the new Qantas video to see what Heron Island is all about!


Heron Island as well as Wilson Island are a significant nesting location for two vulnerable turtle species, the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) and Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta).

An Introduction to Heron Island

This is Heron Island: the wonderful scenery, the perfect beaches, the turtles, the bird life - simply the ideal location for a Great Barrier Reef holiday!

A Holiday at Heron Island - Great Barrier Reef

At Heron Island, we start with the natural beauty of the reef and the kaleidoscope of the life it inspires. We add our passion for food and service and complement it with the little luxuries that make holidays complete. Heron Island is your natural place on the reef if you love all things natural.

Dive Festival 2011 - Heron Island

The incredible marine life of Heron Island is what's waiting for the visitors of the 2011 Dive Festival. It's going to be amazing!

Heron Island Mix

Heron Island is like no other island in the world. This short video explains why.

'Angry Birds' in Heron Island

Through all but a few months, Heron Island is a breeding and nesting sanctuary for a variety of birds, primarily the Black Noddy Terns (Anous minutus) and the Wedgetailed Shearwaters (Puffinus pacificus). Bird nesting holes are protected with covering boards as the nests are often found in the middle of a trail or path.

A Helicopter Flight to Heron Island

You can get your holiday off to a stunning start by taking a Great Barrier Reef scenic helicopter flight. Australian Helicopters operate amazing scenic flights between Gladstone Airport and Heron Island. From up high, it looks like just a drop in the ocean. It really is the ultimate way to appreciate the island's unique location.

Sea Cucumber Surprise in Heron Island

Something really strange happens when our reef walk guide picks up the sea cucumber... the great barrier reef can be a funny place!