Equipment Hire

 Dive & Snorkel equipment hire per day


 $10.00 AUD

 Prescription Mask

 $12.50 AUD

 Diving Fins (excluding boots)

 $12.00 AUD

 Snorkel Fins

 $10.00 AUD


 $15.00 AUD
 $20.00 AUD

 Regulator with Computer
 Buoyancy Compensator (BCD)

 $25.00 AUD
 $20.00 AUD

 Computer only 

 $11.00 AUD

Dive Shop

The Heron Island Marine Centre offers a wide range of wetsuits for hire, from 5mm shorties for the warm summer months to 7mm full-length two-piece wetsuits for the colder months.

In addition to wetsuits, the Marine Centre offers a good range of quality dive and snorkel gear for sale and hire. The current hire and sale selection features the latest Aqualung equipment. 

Dive Boats

Three fully equipped dive boats with capacities of up to 20 divers make diving from Heron Island a well-organised and comfortable experience. Our spacious dive boats also feature a full canopy cover for sun protection.

Our boats make diving easy for divers of all levels, with giant stride entries and exit via wide ladders. Distances to the island’s dive sites are relatively short and all dives are conducted as single boat dives, so you can do as many or as few dives in a day as you please. Single dive trips are great for those who want to take advantage of the island's other activities and facilities, such as the Aqua Soul Spa.

Dive sites of the day are chosen by the skipper for the best possible diving/snorkelling conditions. Every dive is accompanied by a qualified dive guide who will navigate the dive and help point out some of the more interesting critters on the reef.

Other Services

Heron Island dive staff are very knowledgeable in marine life, and the resort also has a library of marine animal identification books in the Marine Centre to help you get the most out of your dive.

Ready to start your Great Barrier Reef diving adventure? Book your accommodation today, or contact us with any questions about Heron Island services and facilities.