We do everything we can to help you enjoy a Great Barrier Reef family holiday on Heron Island.

Heron Island offers young visitors from 7 to 12 years a unique range of interesting and educational experiences with our Junior Rangers and Junior Rangers Plus Programs, which operate daily during Australian Eastern Seaboard school holidays as follows:

  • Junior Rangers: 1.5 hours duration, operating on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and every day during school holidays ($20 per child, per session). Includes a Junior Rangers Workbook, embroidered badges and activities throughout the duration of your stay
  • Junior Rangers can be pre-booked by contacting us on +61 7 4972 9055. Charge will be added to your account at the time of booking and is non-refundable
Sign children up at 8:30am that day, a minimum of 2 children are needed, with a maximum of 12.

The program has been developed by Heron Island's experienced team of marine biologists and naturalist guides with the cooperation of the University of Queensland, and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Junior Rangers Program offers a range of nature-based activities designed to nurture a sense of exploration and caring for the environment, from reef walks, bird-watching and beachcombing through to the opportunity to design and run your own resort island.

Junior Ranger activities contribute to the earning of a variety of colourful embroidered badges, from the "Three-Kilometre Badge" through to the highly prized "Junior Ranger Badge."