Instructor Bios

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Queenslander Jared learned to dive on Great Keppel Island 10 years ago. After diving in the Red Sea, Thailand, The Maldives, Canada and all over the Great Barrier Reef, his favourite dive site belongs to Heron Island.

 “You just don’t know what you’ll see at Heron Bommie. It can be big or small and it’s always good.”


Chelsea learned to dive in Wellington, NZ, 3 years ago. Having dived throughout the Pacific region and the Caribbean, her favourite dive site in the world is Star of Russia in Port Villa, Vanuatu. On Heron Island her favourite site is North Bommie.

“There is so much to see on North Bommie. You can get a manicure from the cleaner shrimps, say g'day to George and Wanda – the resident leaf scorpion fish -- and if you’re lucky, a manta or two will cruise on by for a bit of a play.”


Since learning to dive 13 years ago in Wollongong, NSW, Scott has been diving all over Australia, including many of the islands along Queensland's coast. His favourite dive spot belongs to Egypt. Shark and Yolanda Reef in the Red Sea. Given the choice, his preferred spot on Heron is Hole in the Wall.

“On an outgoing tide there is a great chance to see Manta Rays on 'Paradise Bommie.' I once spent an entire dive with three huge mantas, turtles and sharks without leaving the one spot.”


Kim learned to dive here in Australia five years ago. Since then she has been diving all over the Great Barrier Reef, The Maldives, The Red Sea and in her native Canada. Her favourite dive site on the island is Heron Bommie.

“It’s a fantastic site with mantas, sharks, turtles, thousands of fish, nudibranchs… the list goes on.”


Jeremy learned to dive 15 years ago and has since been diving all over the world, from South Africa and Mozambique to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. His favourite dive site is Southport in his native Tasmania. On Heron Island his preferred site is Coral Cascades because of its great variety of his favourite sea creature: Nudibranchs.

“They are everywhere, it's just a matter of finding them. Half the fun is the search and the chance of finding new ones!”


Hailing from Hanover, Germany, Annie learned to dive 11 years ago in Bonaire in the Caribbean. After diving everywhere from Germany and Spain to Australia and the Pacific, her favourite dive spot remains in the Carribean: The Grotto in South Caicos. Diving on Heron Island she favours cruising along the coral wall on an outgoing tide from T1 to T2 because of the possibility of seeing sharks, mobula, Manta Rays and colourful Nudibranchs.


Elliot first learned to dive eight years ago on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia in his native Canada. Since then he has dived in Mexico, Turks and Caicos, New Zealand and Australia – where he found the SS Yongala, his favourite dive spot. On Heron Island his preferred site is Heron Bommie where he can find his favourite sea creature, the Manta Ray.

“Let's be honest, who doesn't like Manta Rays? Mantas have different personalities. Some are shy and timid, while others are friendly and playful. Big, beautiful and graceful, these gentle giants are my favourite animal to see on Heron.”


After learning to dive 11 years ago in Bass Straight, Mossy has been diving throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific and the Middle East. In this time, he has found a natural affinity for Olive Sea Snakes.

“As with all misunderstood creatures, it is feared by those who haven’t researched it. It is sleek and graceful to watch and curious and friendly to interact with. Besides, nobody messes with the guy playing with a snake….”