Guided Reef Walks
A stunning one-hour walk out to the edge of the reef that lets you in on its best kept secrets. Wandering around the coral at low tide is the best way to get up close to the reef. Our qualified naturalist guide will point out all the hidden creatures and you’ll get a chance to get up close and personal with sea cucumbers, sea stars and a myriad of other amazing reef creatures and corals. On the walk, you’ll learn fun facts about the creatures and finish with a true appreciation and understanding of the reef.

Island Ecology Walks

Learn how the island maintains its ecological balance on an island walk. One of our qualified naturalists will take you on a walk to view all of the different habitats found on the special island.

Guided Birdlife Walks

Heron Island is a special nesting site for sea birds, as well as a roosting and feeding site for many visiting species of seabirds and migratory waders. Heron is also home to seven resident species as well. There have been over 100 bird species recorded on the island and about 20 of these are regularly observed including Young Wedgetailed Shearwater birds, Black Noddy Terns, Eastern Reef Egrets and Buff-banded Rail birds. Take a walk with one of our expert naturalists to discover some of these interesting and loveable birds.

Wildlife Presentations
Researchers from the island's Research Centre chat to guests about their research into the local wildlife – birds, turtles, sharks, rays, fish and whales.

Snorkelling Lessons in the Swimming Pool

If you have no prior experience, get the basics of snorkelling sorted before taking on the Great Barrier Reef. Once you feel comfortable breathing underwater with your snorkel, you’re ready to start exploring the wonders of the reef, just a step off the sand.

Nature Slide Show Presentations and Marine Documentaries

Get to know the natural secrets of the island without getting your feet wet with insightful presentations and documentaries all about the local marine life.


Trivia Night

Enjoy some fun and friendly competition as you try to outwit the other guests!