With one of the wonders of the world right outside your room, there’s no shortage to the activities you can experience during your time on Heron Island. By nature, Heron Island offers an extensive list of complimentary activities like guided sightseeing, nature walks, and swimming and snorkelling. Our experienced hotel staff helps with informational activities like wildlife presentations and trivia, perfect for families and children of all ages. You can also explore more of the Great Barrier Reef with wildlife and snorkelling tours or scuba diving.

If you’d like to get a diver’s view of the reef without getting wet, then our new semi-submarine, I-SPY, is for you! Get up close and personal with green and loggerhead sea turtles, tropical fish, manta rays and more. Don’t miss this exciting tour when you visit Heron Island.

Either instead of or after a long day of adventures on the Great Barrier Reef, guests 16 years of age and over can enjoy a relaxing spa treatment or massage from the Aqua Soul Spa.

Heron Island provides all you need for an exciting fun-filled trip, or a relaxing holiday, or both. Book an activity or spa treatment in advance of your trip, or consider your options upon arrival. Of course, you might choose to do nothing at all. That’s up to you.